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Garage Door Installation

When you need a garage door installation, GatePro has the solutions you need.

Being a results-oriented organization means we first locate fundamental reason for your difficulty. Understanding that, we provide you with both an affordable short-term solution and a more permanent long-term solution.

In our eyes, an overhead door, whether that’s in a garage or a workplace, should contribute to the beauty of your home or workplace and can otherwise be ignored. It should be as eye-catching as a wall and be as secure as a wall when you’re away.

Backed by the experience of installing and repairing hundreds of garage doors, we can quickly:

1. Observe the Situation


2. Evaluate the Condition

3. Provide the Solution

Here are some garage door testimonials from our customers:

Levi at Pro Master Gate Repair is professional, knowledgable and extremely timely in his service.  We had two separate issues with our two car garage and both times they responded as soon as possible, were knowledgeable in their approach and efficient in their repairs and installations.

Dennis G.
Yonkers, NY

My garage door got stucked. I called them and in the same day 2 hours after it was already fixed, thanks to a proffesional emplyoee named Saraf. Highly recommended!

Raz N.
Brooklyn, NY